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WHY SUN's Tea?

All our teas are collected from the pollution free remote maintain area of Yunnan Province in the northwestern China, the best tea producing region in the world. The weather, soil and environment provide the perfect conditions for growing high quality organic teas. In fact, Yunnan is the place where the amazing taste of green tea was first discovered. All of our organic teas are EU certified.

We sell Yunnan teas exclusively. We only collect the best tea of the season directly from the best tea growers and import the tea directly without the "middle men." We have quality control on each and every step to ensure we provide you the BEST tasting teas with affordable price.

Green Tea Flavor And Quality

China green teas are, generally, more delicate, milder, and yet richly flavored than green teas from other countries. SUN's Yunnan Green tea is the best green tea in China because its unique growing environment. The taste of our green teas is amazing, luxurious, lovely, satisfying and COOL. Yunnan Green Tea enlivens the body and nourishes the soul. It is perfect for anyone who wants a new approach to healthy living.

Black Tea Flavor And Quality

Yunnan black tea is the only Chinese black tea used for the high end gourmet black tea. The main difference between Yunnan Balck and other Chinese black teas is the amount of fine leaf buds, or "golden tips," present in the dried tea. Fermented with lychee, rose and longan, Yunnan Black teas produces a brew that is brassy golden orange in colour with a sweet, gentle aroma and no astringency.

Among the top Yunnan black teas, Pu-ehr is a very special type of black tea with more than two housand years of history. Pu-erh tea is traditionally made with leaves from old wild tea trees of a variety known as "broad leaf tea" or Camellia sinensis var. assamica, which is found only in Yunnan mountain areas. The shoots and young leaves from this varietal are often covered with fine hairs, with the pekoe (two leaves and a bud) larger than other tea varietals. The leaves are also slightly different in chemical composition, which alter the taste and aroma of the brewed tea, as well as its desirability for aging. Due to the scarcity of old wild tea trees, pu-erh made using such trees blended from different tea mountains of Yunnan are highly valued. Pu-ehr produce a true black brew with very pleasant flavors.

Why is SUN's Yunnan Tea so different?

The answer is that we leave nothing by chance. Every step of the growing, collecting, and processing undergoes rigorous quality control. We only choose the best growers in the pollution free remote maintain area of Yunnan. All tea plants are eaither wild plants or carefully tended with organic nutrition and naturally grow in such environment.

In the tea-collection season, we carefully choose only certain fine-grade leaves, hand picking them to ensure that no twigs, dust, or carelessly broken leaves remain. SUN's green tea contains no residual pesticides or heavey metals.

We monitor the oxidation or drying of the leaves to avoid bitterness. We package our tea in high barrier re-closable stand-up pouches which protect the green tea from the destructive reactions to oxygen and moisture.

SUN's Yunnan Teas have passed all the rigorous sanitary inspections by the local and national health departments.

Are SUN's Teas organic?

Unlike other tea companies that make wild claims of organic teas for all their products, we have to tell you our answer is "Yes and No." Yes, all teas stated organic are European Union (EU) certified organic teas. EU has more stricted process to certify the organic product than USDA certification process. By EU standard, the growing environment, planting methods, and the processing are all needed to be "organic", no pesticides, weedicides, or "toxic" growing or processing medthods are allowed. Since we exportthe tea to both EU and US, we picked a harder certification. For a few teas not stated as organic, we still guarantee you the tea are planted, cultivated, harvested, and processed in the personal, traditional method where sun, fresh water and lively mist, pure mountain air, and hand plucking and sorting have been a part of this area for hundreds and hundreds of years. Not all growers in the remote tea growing area can afford EU or USDA certification, but we ganrantee you they are still the best "healthy" tea growers.


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