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Why borosilicate glass?

All our glassware are entirely made of high quality thick non-fragile, lead free, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass has a very low thermal expansion coefficient, about one-third that of ordinary glass. This makes it resistant to thermal shock, more so than any other common glass.

Borosilicate glass composition is about 70% silica, 10% boron oxide, 8% sodium oxide, 8% potassium oxide, and 1% calcium oxide (lime), no lead or anyother heavey metal is added so it is very safe to use with any beverage. Its superior durability with microwave and dishwasher compatibility makes it ideal material for high-quality beverage glassware.

Why is Sun's Tea double-wall glassware unique?

The unique double-wall thermal beverage glass is the only NON-FRAGILE double-wall glassware you could find. It is made of strong, lead-free, heat-resistant and long-lasting borosilicate glass, which can stand a sudden heat or cold shock and can take impact from free-fall ice ball from as high as 16 inches.

The thin air between the unique doule-wall structure keeps the cold drink cold and the hot drink hot for a long time. You can hold a glass of very hot drink without getting your fingers burned, or hold a extreamly cold beverage without water condensation forming on the outer wall. The outer surface feels and looks not cold, not wet, not hot, it is just cool !

It is microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe!

Use and care

The double wall glasses can be used for hot drink, cold drink or iced drink. It can handle the ice cubes from the refrigerator ice dispenser if the ice cube is not extra big.

In extremely hot and humid weather, you may see a thin layer of fog form on the outer surface of the glass if it holds some very cold drink. It is normal for the open-mouth thermo container, especially glass.

The glass could be hand washed. It is very easy to clean it using Sun's Tea Push and Pull clean brush. or it could be dish washer washed, just make sure do not put them into too crowed dishwasher or contact the other hard-surfaced objects to avoid breakage during the wash.

When breakage occurs

Sun's Tea glassware are designed and made for every day use, it is very durable in normal use. However, like all glassware, it could be broken in sudden mechanic shock such as being dropped, knocked down, or when very heavy object like a metal folk or spoon is dropped in.

To achieve better thermo effect the glass has negative air pressure in between the double wall structure, so when the it does broken, you may hear a loud 'pop'. Please discard the glass should fracture or breakage occurs. When clean up the broken glass, pick up the big pieces, and then use vacuum cleaner to clear out the small pieces. Do NOT try to use mob to wipe the broken glass away.

Please contact Sun's Tea if the glass is broken unexpectedly.

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